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Brief Update

It has been quite a while since I last updated my journal and the cause of this, that has been in focus for sometime now, has seen much time and enormous amounts of energies invested, that which I will not go into detail here.

I am still being employed by others to do their “bidding/work” for them – seeing great amounts of work within the metaphysical natures of this mundane world accomplished. Workings/Biddings ranging from simplified healings to more elaborate invocations, and the crossing of realms.

There have been discussions within the circles that I endure about various theories revolving around some esoteric practices of some specific nature (while others totally mind-numbing and for ever-circling), and it is that which I partake not, but I do pleasure myself in that, that what comes out of these discussions, which are based on those philosophical notions of others – both professional and lay.

With my researches into alternative cultures and pantheons growing, and to which those I am taken to daily, there have been personal findings to dispute at least one or two on collaborative levels. With, each cultural exponents being most intriguing and most similar in both practice and indeed nature. To utilize such information, and to understand them, even only partially – the “wisdom” gained through these are to be revered in such a way that only one could not imagine, and to further incorporate into ones own practices are, to say the least, most humbling.

More physical manifestations have been experienced, with each consecutive working, these I find, are becoming more intrinsic to each individual working. This has become no surprise, but the manifestations are beginning to see a newer, more heightened level. I too, myself have experienced a more heightened appreciation of both my gifts (to which I sometimes revere as curses), and of my growing understanding of greater aspects of them and my own personal practices.

Visions have been paramount within the past few weeks – more than usual, more vivid than ever before. I have been caught in other forms also. In the greater past, I was caught by another within the abode, shape-shifting (which unnerved the guest, but fortunately he was also an arcane so they knew not to disturb the process). Although the guest did mention that they had wished they had their digital camera handy to take a photo, as the sight was apparently awesome to behold. Unfortunately I have no recollection of this particular incident, only that I had lost some 2 hours and “awoke” most disorientated. And now these occurrences are becoming more frequent – but now with a greater understanding of alternative practices and I now gaining more control over the results, and indeed the outcomes, to the degree where I have been able to master the spontaneity if I so wish.

It was also a few weeks back now that I attended an unusual gathering of folk and it was pleasant to see others of like also attending. There was one there that I “read” only briefly and one that had components of that interested me. So, being as I am, I initiated a little experiment so to speak – an experiment of an unseen nature and one that was easily manipulated within an alert crowd, but one that was inconspicuous to any who were un-adept. This little “experiment” one for one particular person, and one that has seen it manifest quite successfully – one that I have now undone – and I am quite sure that the “recipient” was well unaware of this occurrence. These miniscule pleasures are of a mundane nature, but ones that exercises one metaphysical muscles from time to time.

Another instance just this week – saw me approached by another asking my permission and then my thoughts on creating/building a Church of Satan in the Metro area… This amused me to orgasm, almost literally. Taking extemporaneous delight in seeing their facial expression when I informed them of my current training level and whom it is with… “Priceless”…

So it has been rather an eventful past few weeks and I am certain that things will not slow down, oh! contrare, but I will take the much needed “timeout” to partake with updating journal more often.
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