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For those that love Lovecraft

:x Ia?

those not At The Mountains of Madness

Guillermo del Toro, of Hellboy/Blade 2, is making it a movie:) It seems...I wonder...hope...please? *whimpers* I keep seeing bits of this all over, I was inspired a long while ago to keep track of maybe movies on the lovecraft writtings list. After seeing such things as "The Dunwich Horror", "Dagon", "From Beyond", "Necronomicon", "Re-animator", the true horror writer imo, of true horror genre. I liek most adaptations, esp european indie type tries. I just wonder if this will be liek cthulhu cult classic type material.

O found more info on it I did:Guillermo Deltoro God lovecraft I love you:X:D

Anyone? Who loves squids, and zombies? *raises an eyebrow* I bet quite a few. *smirk*

o, and tonight at 9pm on scifi "Dagon". heh not uncut but eh, it's cthulhu.
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Hey there. Don't know if you like any twisted horror stories. but if you do, check out my site www.laydenrobinson.com. I'm curious what your thoughts are. Cheers!!
I had heard it too. Wonder if he got it all out of his system with the Hellboy monster? Giger supposedly wanted to do this story as a movie too, but it wouldn't be my first choice. Too much wandering empty hallways unless they get away from the story as written. I have my own favorites that I would like to see done well.

As far as art with HPL type monsters and moods, I am a collector -of this and more.