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what does the future hold?

in 100 years there will be no more trees. there will be a walmart with a mc donalds in every country of the world. there will be no where in the entire united states besides alaska where you could be more than 50 miles near a wall mart. Massive pre-fab subdivisions will envelop the land. Think of Indian heights X 10.Drug and alcohol abuse enslave record numbers of people.Cities will merge and become super cities, the downtown areas maintained by various corporate agencies and the surrounding outskirts are ran down residential nightmares. crime will infest the streets, poverty and unemployment skyrocket and poor education and mind numbing advertising are blamed for the continuation of the crisis. over 80 percent of the american population will be chronicly obsese. real fruits and vegetables are no longer available, in fact there are few farms still in opperation. Teachers will become more and more less qualified in their jobs due to pay, and the test scores give creedence. people spend all their off work hours using various forms of technology to entertain themselves. Television will be a fast moving melange of celebrity endorsements, award shows, shity sit coms and pointless dramas.retarded reality shows continue to infest the airwaves. there will be longer and longer comercial breaks as the years progress, eventually making them longer than the actual show. the first cyborg president will be elected. Our brand of democracy and capitalism will have infested all developing countries. the media has once again gone yellow and sensationalizes stories for ratings, news junkies sit in fear. libraries fall to ruin due to the internet. video game companies climb to the top of the market with the increasing quality of graphics and the advent of virtual reality.
People will not talk much to eachother. there will be an increase in automobile accidents. While the nation suffers through a continued depression, warmongers travel around the world waging war on those who plot insurgent attacks on the united states. even within our own country these politicians and generals seek out rebellions and snuff them. more waco like situations occur. many of these wars are reported like a game show on primetime television. the tv viewing public is exposed to an increasing amount of sex and violence in programing and these begins to numb the US societys attitudues about the subjects. the amount of murders, rapes, and abuse care looses funding and good doctors, many people perish from outbreaks of new, stronger strains of disease. Many men stand up and become religious leaders, creating their own cults and luring innocent people into clutches only to milk them for their money. they preach that this is the end times everthing is based around the worship of material possesion. junk piles up in american garages. the internet creates a whole race of people who cannot react with the outside world. pollution standards for factories are removed and the massive corporations dumb newer, deadlier forms of toxic waste into whats left of the natural enviroment. 1000s of species die out. many scientific institutions go to work for corporations or their funding is cut by a government already in serious debt, a deficit larger than its everbeen. trash will cover the sides of the streets and fields, as we have run out of room for it. eventually all trash is taken and dumped in the ocean. there will be cyborgs and other genetic experiments in the fusion of biology and electric technology.people will be grown and processed in special factories. these "lower beings" will be used as slaves. It becomes a fad to own a clone. many of the easiest activities become automated. "why work when you dont have to?" asks a comercial.we get almost all of our food, fosil fuels and other natural resources from other countries due to the fact that we have run out. much of our time is spent masturbating our egos and numbing our brains to how much weve ruined this planet. where will we go when we use up the ground? the sky i suppose. floating cities are a posibility. after we pollute the atmosphere we'll branch out into space, on ward and outward to invade new frontiers of depravity.
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