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order and chaos and gnosis...

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This is a little frantic, so try to keep up with me.

I was reading, when something in the article I was reading reminded me of what I read recently about the second law of thermodynamics being refuted on the subatomic scale.

Hyperspace says that the other six dimensions are tightly compacted into miniscule subatomic sizes.

Furthermore, it is conjectured that the big bang and the creation of the universe as we know it was created when the perfect balanced ten dimensional existence collapsed, and the first four dimensions exploded outward and the other six collapsed inward.

This is still occurring. Our universe is still expanding, time still moves forward. And to counterbalance, the other six dimensions must still be contracting.

So in these four dimensions, order leads to chaos. entropy. This is where Yaldabaoth reigns.

But in those other six dimensions, it is moving toward a more ordered state, because they are contracting.

... just thoughts. concepts that occurred to me. Any input? Aside from "wtf? you're stupid!" comments, please....

refer to --->

The birth of the Demiurge can be taken as a metaphor for the emergence of entropy. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the overall disorder of any given system will always increase over time as the system seeks equilibrium - thus, meat rots, rocks roll downhill and machines wear out.

When the Big Bang introduced space, time and matter into existence, our infant universe - which was, at least for moment, a trillion times smaller and denser than the head of a pin - was also quite orderly. Nothing to do and nowhere to go - nothing existed but photons, or light particles.

This primitive state of order was only temporary, however; almost instantly, the universe exploded outwards, spawning billions and billions of suns, solar systems and even entire galaxies as it expanded and cooled.

so clearly if it was very tiny and ordered at the beginning, and is becoming more chaotic due to expansion, if those other six dimensions are contracting... does this make sense to anyone???
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